Digital Vision Board

Digital Vision Board: How to make, tips, benefits, & ideas

It lacks sufficient wall space to hold your vision on a physical basis; however, the Digital Vision Board is the solution.

I had the same problem when I decided to make a vision board for my dreams.

I dug out all the magazines I had, cut down the pictures of my goals, and folded my arms to get a physical board. But then I realized that I didn’t have sufficient wall space.

I opened my phone in the midst of it all.

And a new idea popped up. “Why can’t I have a Digital Vision Board for myself?” I wondered because as a Content Writer, I spend a significant amount of time in front of my laptop/phone screen.

I’m sharing the details of the Online Vision Board with you now, with a grimace on my face.

But before we start let’s look at the meaning of a digital vision board first.

A digital vision board is the collection of ideas and dreams that you want to achieve in life in the form of images and text.

It is like a physical vision board with the only difference being the medium of creation. Digital vision board you can make with the help of any app or website and keep it online in the cloud or in your mobile.

How to create a digital vision board?

We haven’t hacked your phone, but we know you must have searched for “How do you make a digital vision board step by step?” on your device.

Without holding you back any further, let me share every important point with you now.


Step 1: Decide what you want

To get to your destination, you must concentrate solely on the main goal.

This is why I want you to be super specific while deciding your REAL goals.

Okay, let me offer you a helping hand. Consider the following:

  • What do you want to achieve shortly?
  • What do you hope to achieve in the next five years?

Note: You need to describe it in just 2-3 words.

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Step 2: Make a mind map

Now that you’ve determined your precise goal, you must devise a strategy for achieving it.

Your digital vision board is a pathway to virtualize it and thus turn it into reality.

But that can only happen if you have a clear, sorted-out plan to achieve it.

Follow these steps:

  • Chunk down your goal into small tasks.
  • From A to Z, list each task on a track.
  • Divide and allot each task to a specific month.

Points to remember while making this plan:

  • Why do you want to achieve this goal?
  • What skills do you need to learn?
  • Why do you expect help?
  • How much money do you need to save?
  • How are you going to keep track of your progress?

Step 3: Collect the pictures

To make digital vision boards work, you must include relatable images in addition to your smiley faces.

You can get the most eye-catching and dreamy images by visiting resource-free websites.

Here is a tip. Use Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash for the task.

Now get the picture and save it on your phone or your PC.

Saved? Let’s move forward.

Step 4: Add the text

Adding text with GAZE-HOLDING FONTS not only blooms out the messages with their styling but also brings your attention to a specific thing.

Sounds interesting, right?

QUOTES can be used to describe your message.

Step 5: Finally building a Digital Vision board?

Now you only need a platform or a base where you can frame out your virtual vision board for future use.

Here are some of the best platforms that you must try on to make a digital vision board:

  • Canva
  • Pinterest
  • PicMonkey
  • DreamItAlive
  • MindMovies
  • Visuapp
  • iWish
  • Corkulous Professional
  • Designer
  • Subliminal Vision Boards
  • Hay House Vision Board

Now, after making a collage of all the pictures, you should download them and put them on your wallpaper.

Every day, take the time to look at the board and visualize your dreams.

how to create a Digital vision board

Is the Vision Board effective?

Whether you are using a digital vision board or a physical one, it always pays off.

There have been so many quotes that have proven the worth of such boards.

  • We only become what our thoughts want us to be, according to the Buddha.
  • Dr. Joe Vitale says that we need to feel different from what we possess to attract any good thing that we want.
  • Dr. John Demartini claims that we only bring in events or things that we think about and about.

If you’re looking for “law of attraction” topics, you’ve probably heard of Bob Proctor.

Let me tell you about his beliefs.

According to Bob Proctor, “we only hold those things in our hands that we see in our minds”.

What are the reasons or benefits of the digital vision board?

As you have learned the importance and ways to make a digital vision board, we want to introduce you to some of the benefits too:

  • For starters, switching from a physical to a digital vision board allows you to SAVE MONEY.
  • It MOTIVATES YOU to work harder and harder on your goals by being in the place in front of you.
  • When under stress, these boards become a STRESS-COPING PILL and calm your mind with the assurance of a positive future.
  • It assists you in DEFINING GOALS and creating a plan to achieve them.
  • Bring REASSURANCE into your life; it will bring you a lot of things and will bring you much closer to your goals.
  • It REMINDS YOUR DEADLINE to achieve something and thus brings back the rushing feeling of achieving the goal.
  • It will even assist you in overcoming limitations, allowing you to see beyond the possibilities that you may have overlooked.

Types of Goal-Based Digital Vision Board

Your digital board can take many forms and it varies with your goals. So, your digital vision board depends on the types of goals you want to achieve.

For example, if you have a goal related to your career, you can build a career-based digital vision board for yourself.

Below are some popular themes for making a digital vision board.

1. Career and Profession:

This type of digital vision board reflects career and profession-related aspirations. You can include images of your favorite role models and mentors. Or images that reflect working after your promotion in the company.

You can paste logos and buildings of your dream company to visualize working in the future.

2. Health and Fitness:

Health and fitness is another popular theme for a digital vision board that helps you achieve fitness-related goals in real-time.

For example, if you have weight loss-related goals, you can write your target goal in bold letters on your board. You can also use pictures of your favorite fitness guru or role model.

I have use the power of visualisation to reach my target weight loss goal. If you want to read about my weight loss journey, you can read below.

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You can also write workout-related goals on the board. For example, how you will feel after having your target workout goal. Like running 10 km every day or doing 50 pushups in a go.

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3. Business Digital Vision Board:

Here is another popular digital board for business success-related goals. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and planning to start your dream venture, a digital vision board could be your best friend.

You can use your board to visualize your goal. Or you can use it to write down your goals and plans. You can paste the pictures of your favorite entrepreneur in your industry.

4. Financial Goals

Many people use a financial and wealth digital vision board to achieve a financial goal. For example, if you want to achieve financial freedom in life, you can use a digital vision board to write down the target amount.

You can decorate your board with the type of lifestyle you want to have after achieving financial freedom. For example, a picture of your dream car or house.

If you want to make wealth with the stock market. You can use your board to highlight making wealth with your dream stocks in the share market.

5. Travel and Adventure

A Travel-based digital vision board is another popular type. People use it to visualise the places they want to visit after achieving a target set goal.

For example, people make a travel digital vision board to travel around the world once they are out of any illness. This helps not only in fast healing but also helps them positively use the time to stay strong.

Another situation where people choose to use a travel digital vision board is when they struggle with current financial conditions. And, after achieving their target money goal they use this board to imagine the places they want to visit.

Make sure to collect the pictures of dream places and use them on your board. If you planning to have an adventure, you can write down what fun adventures you want to have after hitting your set goal.

You can use your digital vision board to imagine yourself doing skydiving, scuba diving, or mountain climbing. This will help you inspire and stay strong with your existing problems.

Above are some popular types of digital boards which are popular and people use them as a tool to reach their goals. As mentioned, there could be various types of digital vision boards that can change based on the types of set goals.

Digital Vision Board Ideas:

We’ve included some sneak peeks below to help you with your online vision board:

  • If you are a student who is having difficulty concentrating on an exam, bringing out a picture of awards holding hands will work wonders.
  • Trying to learn the guitar? How about a picture of someone playing it very professionally?
  • Dreaming about higher-level positions is energizing in and of itself. Here’s a pro tip: copy your email signature and paste it into your digital vision board under your dream job title.
  • Are you a writer and working on a new book? I recommend that you post images of your front and back covers on the board.

Tips for Digital Vision Board:

Although I am sure that you know how to make an online board after reading the above information, we are thinking about sharing some tips with you.

  • Starting with SETTING A TONE for the visual board, you must finalize your board’s colors, text fonts, and so on.
  • ARRANGE THE PICTURES ACCORDING TO YOUR REQUIREMENTS, then copy and paste them into a special folder for easy access.
  • Finally, you need to click on the option and start DROPPING AND ARRANGING the pictures one by one on the spot that feels right.
  • Finally, ADDING YOUR TEXT that pops up without getting lost in the image will be beneficial.
  • Use inspiring images that reflect your goals, let it be in pictures, illustrations, or even words and quotes. Make sure to use high-quality images for a better experience.
  • use as many personal photos as you can to relate yourself to the goal. This will help you develop a mindset of success in a real manner.
  • You can include pictures of yourself that have cherished and winning moments.
  • Not just images, but include powerful words and mantras that resonate with your goals. You can highlight important words and phrases or make them colorful.
  • Your boards must have room for customization and updating. So, keep updating your board with your new goals.
  • As you activate your old goal update the board with new images and words. Also, update it with your next aspirations.
  • Choose the right platforms like Pinterest, Canva, and Adobe Spark that offer a wide range of templates and images
  • Make your boards and thus your goal accountable. For this, make sure to share it with your close friends, family, and mentors for any guidance and build positive pressure.
  • Finally, SAVE & DOWNLOAD the picture.


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