Elderberry Bombs Recipe

Elderberry Bombs Recipe: Ingredients, Cooking, and Tips

Have you recently bought some fresh elderberries and are wondering what to make out of them?

Today, in this post, I will share a widely popular Elderberry recipe called the elderberry bomb recipe. These dark purple berries have medicinal benefits and are often used to treat flu and colds.

Elderberry also helps to boost your immune system.

These are grown mainly in European countries and found in Northern America, Asia, and Africa.

elderberry recipe

Some people used to eat them raw as a supplement as part of their diet. Some prefer to add them as part of ingredients to make different recipes out of them.

You can enjoy the recipe with your kids as this recipe is popularly made as a kind of gummy or lozenge

Having said that, let me start by sharing with you the delicious Elderberry Bombs Recipe.

How to make Elderberry Bombs Recipe

To make the Elderberry Bombs Recipe, you will need some basic ingredients including elderberry syrup and Honey. You can add other ingredients as per your taste and availability.

The syrup can be bought from your nearby store or can be made at home. For best results and health benefits, it is recommended to make the syrup at home.

To start the preparation, let us arrange the ingredients required to make the Elderberry Bombs Recipe.


  • Elderberry syrup: 1/2 cup
  • Hot water: 1/4 cup
  • Gelatin powder: 2 tablespoons (unflavored)
  • Honey: 1 tablespoon

Yes, the recipe requires just a few ingredients to start with. To make the gummies, you will require Silicone molds. For a perfect shape, make sure to get small shapes molds like berries or just simple cubes.

Also, make sure not to use hot boiling water and use unflavored gelatin powder. The sweetness can be adjusted as per your taste by altering the amount of honey.

Next, we will go through the preparation part.

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  • To start with, take a small saucepan and pour hot water into it
  • Next sprinkle gelatin powder in the saucepan, so that it gets observed by the hot water
  • Wait till it settles well in the water and solidify
  • Meanwhile, you can arrange the silicon molds in a serving tray and put it in your freeze
  • Once the gelatin powder has bloomed, keep stirring the mixture on a low flame till the gelatin dissolves
  • Do not allow the mixture to boil to get the maximum health benefits from the recipe
  • Now it is time to turn off the stove and add elderberry syrup and honey to the mixture
  • Once added, stir well so that everything turns smooth and combined well
  • Next, bring your prepared molds and transfer the mixture into the molds.
  • To get the uniform gummies, make sure to fill them evenly
  • After everything is done, next, keep back the molds with the tray in the freeze
  • Let the molds freeze for an hour till the gummies set properly
  • Now, take the elderberry bombs out of the molds one by one
  • Make sure they are set well and still slightly squishy
  • For storage, you can keep your gummies for a couple of weeks in the freeze in an airtight container

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Tips for Elderberry Bombs Recipe

As mentioned earlier to get the maximum health benefits use homemade elderberry syrup

  • For the best taste, use only fresh and high-quality blueberries to make the recipe
  • If you are making the syrup at home, make sure it is strained properly to avoid any bits when gummies are ready
  • For adding extra tanginess you can use lemon juice for better taste and more health benefits
  • Adding lemon juice to the blueberries can add more immunity-boosting benefits as they both are known to enhance immunity
  • Make sure not to deep freeze the gummies as it can spoil the squishiness and softness of the gummies
  • Also, do not allow water to boil while preparing. Just use hot water to make these elderberry gummies
  • Use simple silicon cube molds if you do not have gummy-shaped molds available at your place
  • For storage use an airtight container to store the gummies. You can keep them in your freeze for at least 2 weeks
  • You can use honey as a dip and enjoy the recipe with your kids

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