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6 Best Tips To Lose Weight Successfully at Home

I know losing weight is not easy but at the same time not impossible. Being something not easy does not mean the thing is not simple. The problem is that people fail to make weight loss more complex due to a lack of knowledge and motivation.

So your first target to make your weight loss possible is to make it simple with some basic knowledge and some motivation. When I started my weight loss it was not easy for me, but my growing knowledge about weight loss helped me lose weight.

The first and foremost thing to know is how weight loss works with a calorie deficit, workout, and diet. To make your weight loss journey simple, let me help you with some important tips for a successful weight loss journey.

1. Start with a solid plan and be practical

The first thing to do is to make up your mind about weight loss. And, this includes changes in your lifestyle. Lifestyle changes may include changes in your diet, activity, sleep, and water intake. Be practical as much as you can and start small.

Do not overstress yourself in the beginning. For example, if you want to plan for a workout, go slow and simple. Take a small initiative first, like ordering sports shoes, or going out to a nearby park and breathing some fresh air.

You can download a step counter app and set a small goal of walking 5000 steps daily. The idea is to kickstart your workout without taking much stress and get lost only in planning.

With time you can set a new goal like walking 7000 steps, or 10,000 steps daily. You can increase the pace of your walking and convert it into brisk walking with time. To make your brisk walk more interesting you can listen to your favourite songs or podcast.

In the same way, you can plan your diet without overstressing yourself at the start. For example, learning new healthy recipes and trying yourself at home. Reading or listening about food and nutrition, etc.

6 Best Tips To Lose Weight Successfully at Home

2. Make a working diet plan

Your next step should be making a solid diet plan and sticking to it. Here, discipline matters more than diet. Because if you are not loyal to your diet routine, you will not reach your weight loss goal.

So, make your diet more interesting and put emotion into your diet and action. By putting your emotions I mean, devoting some time to learning and cooking some healthy recipes. This way it will be helpful for you to stick to your diet.

The next step should be to make your whole-day diet fall within your daily calorie budget. Educate yourself or talk to diet experts on this topic.

Once you are ready with your daily calorie budget make sure to put emotion into your diet. Experiment with your recipes and make some new ones to avoid boredom.

Try to eat calorie-friendly food like veggies, they are less in calories and can be eaten in volume. Make sure to add salad to your meal. You can consider adding, oats, millets, and other healthy food to your diet.

3. Start with easy workouts

As stated earlier, you do not have to stress yourself on workouts. There are plenty of easy workouts that you can start at home or visit your nearby park.

I have seen people joining the gym at the start and doing heavy workouts. Many lose interest in the middle and leave the gym within a month.

Learn how your mind works and feel a little comfortable at the start. You can start with simple workouts like skipping ropes, Surya Namaskar, Brisk walking, planks, Spot running, etc.

These simple workouts will help to put a desire for fitness and weight loss. With time you can add more exercises and later you can think of joining a gym.

Also, it is important to know which workout is good for you and which one to avoid. For example, if you have knee pain, a workout like stair climbing is not a good idea.

You can choose workouts based on your age, current body, and medical condition. If you are not comfortable with a specific workout avoid it, if not you will lose your weight loss progress.

4. Drinking enough water is a must

The next thing is drinking enough water and staying hydrated. If you not drinking enough water you will feel exhausted and dehydrated. Water helps in digestion as well.

So, if you’re not drinking enough water you will have a hard time digesting your food. And if your digestion is not okay your weight loss progress will also not be okay.

Having enough water intake helps avoid dehydration after a workout. To bring this to your habit you can set water reminders on your mobile.

Drinking enough water also helps feel fresh and energizes your skin. But make sure not to overdose yourself with water. Everything looks good when consumed in a balanced manner.

And, for a balanced diet, balanced water is a crucial factor.

From my experience, I have seen with more water my skin got a new charm. With this charm, I feel more motivated to stick to my weight loss journey.

I used to drink very little water before my weight loss journey. With less water and more junk food, I was diagnosed with stones in my organs. But with a little change in my diet and water intake, my stone was gone without any surgery.

So, water intake was a boon for me, it not only helped me in my weight loss but also avoided my previous health issues.

So, commit to having regular water intake and enjoy your weight loss journey. Also, do not overconsume water at bedtime. This may hinder your sleep.

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5. Having enough sleep is crucial

Next comes sleep for a smooth weight loss journey. Yes, sleep is as important as diet and workout for your weight loss to work effectively.

Not having enough sleep may complicate your weight loss progress. Sleep is not just helpful for your physical fitness but also important for your mental fitness.

When you work on your sleep and have enough sleep at night this may help smooth your weight loss journey.

Early to bed and early to rise is always a good practice but make sure you have enough sound sleep. Sleeping helps you lose weight in autopilot mode.

When you sleep your fat-burning progress still goes on. Also, rest is important after a workout.

If you are not giving your body enough sleep, you will have a hard time working out the next day. Sleep helps recover your lost energy and makes you energetic for a new day.

It is always recommended to sleep at least 8 hours for the proper functioning of your body. When you have learned this practice, you will feel physically and mentally fit.

These days the biggest culprit is your mobile. make sure to avoid overuse of mobile, particularly at night time. Also, avoid overdosing on your tummy at night time.

Finish your meal at least 2 hours before bedtime to have a good sleep. Wear light clothes, make your bed a little comfortable, use a cotton bedsheet, and check your room temperature and ventilation.

6. Motivation is the key

Motivation for weight loss: 8 Tips

Motivation is the key. If you are not motivated and informed you may lose your weight loss progress. Motivation is an energy and mood booster that helps reach your weight loss goal effectively.

Learn how to make your weight loss journey motivational. Here are a few things you can consider doing.

  • Join a fitness group online and offline and engage yourself in fitness talks and activities. The more you talk about fitness, the lesser the chance of quitting.
  • You can start a social media page and start sharing your weight loss progress with people. This way you will help motivate yourself and others for weight loss. This also helps put positive pressure to work on your weight loss journey.
  • Read books as much as you can on fitness and sports. Reading books helps you build a fitness mindset in a very informed manner. Learn with other stories and make your own stories with the learnings.
  • Start cooking your diet meal yourself. Learn new recipes online and try them yourself at home. This helps you learn more interesting recipes, engage yourself in fitness, and stay motivated.
  • Start celebrating your little weight loss progress. Gift yourself a new pair of shoes, fitness band, or track pants after hitting a specific weight loss goal. You can also try a new recipe every time you hit a new goal.
  • Start writing your weight loss experience. This is a very effective way to motivate yourself and engage in fitness. Writing will make sure you do not lose your progress in the middle. You can share on your blogs or start a social media page to share your weight loss journey and make your online community.
  • Join the fitness community and exchange ideas with your peers. This is another effective way to motivate yourself for weight loss and build positive pressure.
  • Challenging yourself for smaller goals is also a great way to hit a bigger goal. For example, you can challenge to lose 1 kg in a week. Or, make a workout challenge adding a bit of flavour with time.
  • Start helping people around you. You can help others struggling to lose weight. Doing so also helps build a fitness attitude and helps in your weight loss motivation. I helped my brother and one of my friends to lose weight.
  • Start celebrating your little progress. Celebrating smaller successes also helps in motivation fueling your fitness journey. You can gift yourself some fitness stuff like new shoes, track pants, or a fitness band with every small goal.

These little steps will help build fitness desire and motivation in you. And once you are highly motivated, you feel highly energetic to reach your final destination effortlessly.

In case, you are looking for my weight loss journey, you can read my story here: Anubhav Kumar’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey.

Reading personal stories also enhances your knowledge and works best for fitness inspiration. I used to read a lot of weight loss stories online.

Also, there are many such videos on YouTube that you can watch to boost your weight loss progress.


I hope you enjoyed this article and got some insights. As discussed here, make sure to start your weight loss with a solid diet and workout plan.

You can start with simple workouts like brisk walking. Try learning new healthy recipes to make your diet more interesting. Make sure you stick to your calorie budget and follow it with discipline

Start small to a bigger picture. Go slow but make sure to hit your goal. Have enough sleep and increase your water intake if required. Last but not least, motivation is what makes your weight loss journey alive and breathing.

Let me know in the comments if this post helped you today. If you want me to share more tips on weight loss, do let me know as well.

Please do not be in a hurry if planning to lose weight. Weight loss requires patience and commitment. With a solid plan in hand mixed with some motivation and discipline, your weight loss will be easy and enjoyable.

Do not plan to shed a lot of weight in less time. Also, refrain from starving just because you want to lose fast.

Have a balanced approach, let it be diet or workout. A balanced approach is key to weight loss success.

Also, start with simple and easy home workouts like brisk walking or spot running. You can also add some yoga poses to your workout routine.

I hope you liked this small post on weight loss tips and gained some insights. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments or you can email me as well.

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