I’m Anubhav Kumar. A lifestyle and fitness digital writer and entrepreneur

I call myself an engineer turned entrepreneur and influencer helping people for a better life, physically, mentally, financially, and socially. I love taking on new challenges let it be a fitness challenge, or work challenge, or a financial challenge. These challenges help me build a mindset of taking action and avoiding procrastination in life.

I also love sharing my journey and skills with people. At the same time, I love motivating people for a positive and active life. Action is the key. And, this is why I have written a new book to build a habit of taking action and make life easy and peaceful. My ebook is called “Willingness Meter”. Read my ebook…

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This is how I tranform my mindset by losing nearly 20kgs in around 4 months. I call my weight loss journey a mindset journey. Dedication, Desipline and Motivation are my tools to success

Topics I Can Help You With



Motivation is what I love the most talking about. It is key to success in life.



If you want to live a wealthy life. Fitness is the starting point. No fitness means a meaningless life



It’s you first not food. So, your food should not master you. Make yourself master your food.


Mental Fitness

A mentally exhausted and low life will drain all your efforts of financial and physical fitness.



Like physical and mental fitness. A good finance skill can boost your confidence for overall happy life



When you dress smart, you think smart and you look smart. Learn to wear right on this website



Grooming is what makes your confidence multifold. Grooming is not just about looks but more about cleanliness.


Life Skills

Learn lifeskills by reading real-life stories and from important books shared on this website.