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Entrepreneur at heart, IT graduate by qualification

A fitness and lifestyle blogger and influencer helping people to lose weight, fear & bad habits, and gain good looks, confidence, and positivity in life.

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I Motivate

Motivation is an energy booster when you challenge yourself to a difficult journey. From my weight loss journey, I can completely understand how motivation brings wonders. Join me on Instagram for motivation that works in real time.


I Write

Writing is my passion and this is my tool to help my audience add value to their lives. This is why I started this website to support people with knowledge and information that will further help them build the right mindset to reach their life goals.


I Speak

I strongly believe that what you speak most, you become that person. If you talk good, you do good, you talk bad, you do bad. Let’s speak together about improving our lifestyle, and see the changes in your life. Have a question? Connect with me.

This is how I lost around 20kg in just 4 months.

It was the year 2019 when I finally made up my mind to bring about that change that had not happened for the past 8 years. For almost 8 years, I struggled to lose weight, and my reading on a BMI calculator was not all good. The goal that looked impossible for all these years was achieved in the next 4 months. The only thing that was stopping me was the right mindset and a strong belief in my inner strength.

My EBook

Willingness Meter

It is not just my weight loss goal that I have achieved with my formula. Believe me, this is not any secret formula. With this formula, I was able to achieve all other important life goals including money, a healthy lifestyle, and good relationships.

You can think of this formula as a set of guidelines that I have formulated and shared in my Ebook called “Willingness Meter”.

I call these guidelines as HOTA Guidelines that is nothing but a set of steps leading to building good habits and leaving bad habits in life.

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