Tiger Shushi Rolls

Tiger Roll Sushi: Ingredients, Cooking Method And Tips

I have shared some of my favourite sushi rolls on my website. If you are bored of the same old sushi rolls and want to try something different, Tiger Shushi rolls are what you need.

It is very simple to make with little effort and with just a few ingredients like avocado, shrimp tempura, and other common ingredients.

The Tiger in the name means the rolls appear to be having a Tiger pattern. But it is not true when you go out and check Tiger rolls.

It is up to you what you want with your tiger rolls—taste, appearance, or maybe both.

If you want to make your rolls have a tiger pattern, you will need a little more extra effort and a few more ingredients.

But if you running out of time and want to make tiger rolls instantly, you will least bother about appearance and more about taste and time.

In this article, I will share with you how to make tiger Shushi rolls with minimal effort and ingredients.

How to make Tiger Sushi Rolls?

Here is the list of ingredients for Tiger Rolls:

1. Tiger Sushi Rolls Recipe


  • 1⁄2 sheet nori (roasted seaweed)
  • Cooked sushi rice: 4-6 oz.
  • 2 shrimp tempura: 21-25 ct
  • 4 shrimp: 41-50 ct
  • Ripe avocado: 3 slices
  • 1 tsp. wasabi paste (Optional)

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  • You will need a sushi rolling mat and a plastic wrap. Wrap the sushi mat with the plastic cover
  • Next, take the nori sheet and cover the sushi mat with it
  • Once you have done covering, it is time to spread the cooked sushi rice on the mat
  • Make sure you spread the shushi evenly on the rolling mat covering the sides properly.
  • When you are done with spreading, put avocado slices on the sushi rice in the centre
  • Next bring your peeled, deveined, and fried shrimp tempura and place it above or below the avocado slices
  • Make sure you place it in a way so that the ends of the shrimps are visible when you roll your Tiger Shushi.
  • Now it is time to rock and roll. Start gently rolling your sushi with a little pressure as you roll.
  • Put your peeled, cooked, and tail-removed butterflied shrimp on the top of the roll to make it look a little like a tiger pattern
  • Now make slices of the roll. You can make 6 slices instead of 8 for better appearance

Your Tiger Shushi roll is ready to be served with your loved ones. Try enjoying the recipe with 1 tsp. wasabi.

2. Egg Tiger Roll Recipe

Egg Tiger Roll Recipe

Here is another version of tiger roll that has a Tiger pattern because of the Egg Yellow and nori seaweed. It has a little extra ingredients compared to the one shared above.

Here is the recipe:

List of ingredients:

  • Nori seaweed
  • Cooked sushi rice: 1 cup
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 Lettuce leaves
  • 1.5 ounces yakiniku
  • 1 radish namul
  • salt
  • pepper


  • Prepare egg mixture on a frying pan.
  • For this heat a pan and put the egg mixture. Just half cook the egg, put salt, and pepper, and place nori seaweeds on top of the mixture one by one.
  • The nori seaweeds on the egg mixture will give the roll a tiger pattern appearance
  • Now take a sushi mat and place nori on it
  • Next, spread sushi rice on the mat
  • Now put all the ingredients on the sushi rice spread
  • Start rolling the sushi
  • Next, bring your half-fried egg mixture and place the sushi roll on it
  • Make sure the seaweed part of the half-fried egg mixture is on top
  • Give a final roll and cut it into 8 pieces

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Tips for the Tiger Sushi Rolls

Looking for some exciting tips for the recipe? Here are some of them that will further enhance the taste and help you master the recipe.

  • The first and foremost thing is the freshness of the recipe. If your ingredients are fresh, it will bring more taste to the recipe. So, as a first tip, always use fresh ingredients like fresh shrimp, ripe avocados, Lettuce leaves, and crisp cucumbers.
  • Every little detail is important in making any sushi roll, and one of the most important points is to cook the rice perfectly. By perfectly, I mean, the rice must be cooked well enough that it is idle for a sushi roll. It should be sticky enough to hold the other ingredients well. And, at the same time, the rice should not be mushy, when cooked overly.
  • You should always spread the rice evenly over the nori and then make a gentle press while rolling. It will be helpful to avoid rice sticking if you wet your hands.
  • If you want to bring a nutty flavor to the recipe, you can consider sprinkling toasted sesame seeds evenly over the roll. For garnishing you can use chopped green onions, this will add extra freshness and flavour.
  • You can bring out your true inner chef while making the rolls. If you want you can experiment with customization by using different ingredients like cream cheese, tobiko, or other favorite sushi fillings in a balanced manner.
  • To make the shrimp crispy, it is very important to coat the shrimp well in tempura batter. Once coated nicely, next it should be deep fried until golden brown to bring the real crunch to the recipe.
  • To make the rice stick properly, make sure you bring the shiny part of the nori down on the bamboo mat. Always use a bamboo mat to roll properly so that slices can be made easily afterward.
  • To cut the slices properly without making them meshy, you should use a sharp wet knife. A wet knife will avoid sticking of rice and help make a smooth cut.
  • It is always recommended to use a sauce spread like spicy mayo and eel sauce at the end. Doing so will help your rolls avoid becoming too soggy.
  • Always prefer to serve fresh. For this, please serve hot once you have prepared. Eating late will make the tiger sushi rolls soggy and less satisfying.
  • Practice is what makes a man perfect. If you are new to Sushi making, do not be discouraged if unable to make a perfect one on your first attempt. With a little practice, you can be a true legend in no time.

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Types of Tiger Sushi Rolls

There is a wide range of Tiger sushi rolls that can be made by just playing around with the ingredients.

The basic ingredients as mentioned before include shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, and sometimes spicy tuna.

But you can always come up with an your own version by adding more ingredients to it.

Having said that, let me list down the most popular types of sushi rolls.

Types of Tiger Rolls:

  1. Classic Tiger Roll: To make the classic version of Tiger sushi rolls you need shrimp tempura, avocado, and cucumber inside the roll. For toppings, you will need thinly sliced avocado. Use spicy mayo or eel sauce to drizzle this roll.
  2. Dragon Tiger Roll: As the name suggests, the unique version has the appearance of a dragon and is often served with eel sauce. To get the scales, thin slices of avocado are used to get the feel and appearance of a dragon.
  3. Spicy Tiger Roll: As the name indicates, there will be a little heat in the flavor. To add this kick, spicy tuna or spicy crab meat is used. The basic ingredients like shrimp tempura, avocado, and cucumber are the same.
  4. Vegetarian Tiger Roll: If you are a vegetarian, you can still enjoy the tiger sushi rolls. To make the vegetarian version, tempura vegetables (such as sweet potato or zucchini), avocado, and cucumber are used. For fillings, some additional vegetarian fillings like pickled radish or carrots are used.
  5. Double Tiger Roll: As the name suggests there will be double the amount of basic ingredients that will go into the preparation. To make this, double the amount of shrimp tempura and avocado goes inside the roll. The extra fillings make this roll look huge and perfect for someone having a large hunger.

Final Thought

You must be wondering why the recipe has “Tiger” in the name. It is because of the unique presentation of the rolls. The rolls are usually topped with thin slices of avocado that resemble the stripes of a tiger.

This unique appearance named the recipe to be called a Tiger Sushi Roll.

Making Tiger sushi rolls at home is always a fun activity to do, particularly if you are new to Shushi rolls. Preparing them at home gives you the freedom of customization with the ingredients and sausages.

In case, you just want to try at the restaurants you can always visit a sushi restaurant in your city. Tiger sushi rolls are very famous at sushi restaurants worldwide.

Visiting a sushi restaurant is a great feeling when you see a chef with their art of making sushi, combining the traditional Japanese art of cooking with modern flavors.

Although a typical Tiger Roll Sushi often includes shrimp tempura, avocado, and cucumber, you can bring more new ingredients like crab meat, cream cheese, or even mango while preparing.

The better you are at choosing the right ingredients, the better will be your Tiger Sushi Rolls.

The key to making a perfect Tiger Roll is the balance of flavors and creativity. Shushi is in itself an art than just another food on the table.

If you are good at choosing the right ingredients and equipped with the right cooking skills, you will always excite your dear ones with your creativity.

Last but not least, Tiger Sushi Rolls is an innovation in the world of sushi cuisine. With a unique name, texture, and freshness, the recipe is widely popular among sushi fans.

I hope you will like these simple Tiger sushi rolls that are very easy to make with a little effort and time. If you want to explore more Shushi recipes below is another popular Shushi recipe for you.

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If you have any questions or suggestions for this recipe, feel free to add your opinion in the comment area below.

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