Hawaii Roll Sushi: Ingredients, Cooking Method, Tips, and Types

Bored of your regular Sushi rolls? No worry! In this post, I will show you one of the best Hawaiian Shushi Rolls that you can make at home.

There are a variety of Hawaiian Shushi Rolls that can be made with just a simple change in the ingredients. Shrimp, mangoes, avocados, shrimp, and lobsters are some of the most popular ingredients.

The best part about Hawaiian Shushi Rolls is that it is a perfect dish for your children as well. Mango Sushi Roll With Tempura Shrimp is the best choice for your children.

“Lobster Hawaiian Sushi Rolls” and “Lobster Hawaiian Sushi Rolls” are the other two popular recipes.

In this post, I am going to share with you two best recipes. One we will use mangoes as the star ingredient so that your children can enjoy with you.

For the second one, we will be using Lobster as the star ingredient.

2 Best Hawaiian Sushi Roll Recipes

Let me start with the Lobster Sushi rolls first. Here is the list of ingredients that will go into making this recipe.

1. Lobster Hawaiian Sushi Rolls

Hawaiian Sushi Roll


  • Nori: 2 sheets
  • Cooked sushi rice: 2 cups
  • Toasted sesame seeds: 1 tablespoon
  • 2 Lobster tails
  • 1 ripe mango
  • 1/2 English cucumber
  • 1 ripe avocado


  • Take a bamboo sushi mat and wrap it in plastic wrap
  • Once the bamboo sushi mat is ready, place the nori sheet on it
  • Now it is time to spread sushi rice over the nori. Make sure you spread the sushi rice evenly on the Nori
  • Once you have spread the rice, it is time to sprinkle toasted sesame seeds
  • Make sure you invert gently so that your nori is facing up when you invert
  • Take Lobsters which are removed from shells and are cut into 1/2-inch-thick pieces
  • Next place these Lobsters in the middle of the nori
  • When done, put cucumber (quartered and julienned), mango, and avocado.
  • Make sure the avocado and Mango are sliced into thin strips and peeled and pitted
  • With the support of a bamboo mat and making careful squeezes, roll up tight. You can start from the long end
  • Now cut the Sushi rolls into 8 different pieces and serve on your favorite serving plate.

2. Mango Hawaiian Sushi Roll with Tempura Shrimps

Mango Sushi Roll with Tempura Shrimps


  • 2 sheets of nori
  • 1.5 cups of cooked sushi rice
  • 4 large tempura shrimps
  • 4 slices avocado
  • 1 Mango
  • 2 Tbsp sushi vinegar (or 1 tsp sugar + 1.5 Tbsp rice vinegar + 1/4 tsp salt)


  • Bring your bamboo sushi mat and cover it with plastic wrap. You can use one more layer of plastic if required
  • Now on the sushi mat put your nori sheet on it
  • It is time to spread your cooked Shushi on the nori sheet. Evenly spread the rice using a spoon on the nori sheet
  • Now flip the nori sheet facing down on the mat
  • Take two fried tempura shrimps and put them on the other side of the nori. Place one shrimp beside the other
  • Now take two slices of avocado and place them above the shrimp
  • Now gently lift the mat and start rolling your sushi with a little pressure while you roll
  • Open the mat gently and bring back your wrapped sushi on the mat
  • Now take the slices of mango and put one by one of the Shushi
  • Now roll back your mango Shushi with the support of the mat
  • Now unroll the mat and cover the sushi with the plastic wrap
  • Now cut your sushi into 8 pieces and remove the plastic wrap from each slice
  • Serve your tasty Mango Sushi Roll with Tempura Shrimps on a serving plate

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Hawaiian Sushi Roll Ideas and Types

A Hawaii Roll is made usually with a combination of ingredients commonly inspired by Hawaiian cuisine and flavors.

Here are some the the unique ideas to play with the Hawaii Rolls.

1. Hawaiian-inspired Coconut Crunch Sushi Roll:

To make this version, you need to have ingredients that include Crab or lobster, avocado, and cucumber.

Idea: Here is the one idea for you. You can roll the outside in toasted coconut for a better taste and crunch.

2. Tuna Hawaiian-inspired Sushi:

To make the tropical Tuna version get some mango slices, avocado, Ahi tuna, and cucumber ready.

Idea: You can use mango-lime sauces as a topping for a really fun taste. Next, you can use a bit spread of spicy mayo for an extra kick.

3. Mango Avocado Version:

The version requires a little twist with the ingredients and they are Smoked salmon, mango slices (as the name suggests), avocado, and cucumber.

Idea: Here is the topping idea, you can use yuzu-mayo sauce for the topping. And, it tastes best when you sprinkle the recipe with black sesame seeds before eating.

4. Dragonfruit soy Hawaiian Version:

The dragonfruit soy Hawaiian Version requires you to have Ahi tuna, and dragonfruit cubes in making. Like all other versions, you can go with avocado and cucumber as the common ingredients.

Idea: The main idea is to play with the final sprinkle and you can use dragon fruit-infused soy sauce for it.

5. Pineapple chunks Tropical Roll:

To make the Pineapple Paradise Roll version get some Salmon, pineapple chunks, cream cheese, and jalapeño slices.

Idea: You can top it with teriyaki sauce. If you want you can also sprinkle the Pineapple chunks Tropical Rolls with shredded coconut.

6. Mango Tempura Roll:

As the name suggests this version has the main ingredient, the mango slices, and includes other Ingredients such as Shrimp tempura, cucumber, and cream cheese.

Idea: You can use sweet chili sauces for topping. If you want you can garnish it with chopped cilantro.

7. Papaya and Cashew Delight:

Ingredients: Cashews, papaya slices, cream cheese, avocado.

Idea: For Topping you can use ginger-soy sauce combined with a sprinkle of crushed cashews.

8. Minty Pineapple Sushi:

Mint is the main theme ingredient here. Other ingredients may include Ahi tuna, pineapple chunks, cream cheese, etc.

Idea: Use pineapple-mint sauces for the topping purpose.

Sprinkle the sushi rolls with toasted sesame seeds.

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Tips for Hawaiian Sushi Rolls

As in all other recipes, Hawaiian rolls too require a good balance of flavors for an authentic taste. Making sushi is a skill and if it is Hawaiian-inspired sushi rolls, it further requires details in making and ingredient choices.

The good thing with Hawaiian rolls is that, with just a few changes in ingredients you have its new version ready.

But here are some of the important tips to follow for Hawaiian rolls:

  • The ingredients commonly used in making these rolls are from Hawaiian cuisine. So, making a quality choice can enhance the taste of the recipe. So, as a good practice, it is recommended to use only fresh and high-quality ingredients for these rolls.
  • Second, comes the importance of consistency in making the recipe. It is always best to check the rice-to-water ratio for the consistency. If you are using short-grain rice, this will help in preparation and consistency. Also, make sure rice is cooked well before using them in making the sushi rolls.
  • The best thing about the recipes is the variations. You can do several variations by just changing the fruits used in the recipe. Commonly used fruits are Mango and pineapple. But you can use other fruits like guava or papaya to make the Hawaiian rolls. Also, make sure to select only fresh fruits for enhanced taste.
  • Another variation that you can do with the sauces used in the topping. As mentioned earlier. you can use a variety of sauces including pineapple-mint sauces, sweet chili sauces, and other sauces. You will have a new taste by just changing the sauces used in the recipe.
  • It will taste even better if you use sesame seeds, tobiko (fish roe), and shredded coconut as toppings. You can sprinkle them on the rolls and dive into the real Hawaiian flavor.
  • It is also important to tightly pack the rolls to avoid falling off the ingredients. Applying gentle pressure while rolling the sushi on the bamboo mat is a good practice to tighten the ingredients in the rolls.

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