How to make mouthwateringLouisiana Voodoo Fries at home?

How to make mouthwateringLouisiana Voodoo Fries at home?

Potatoes are the main ingredients. And we will be using Idaho potatoes as they are easy to mash and make fries at home

– Idaho potatoes - All-purpose flour – Cajun seasoning – Cheddar cheese – Ranch dressing – Milk – Butter – Cooking oil


To make a roux, use mix of flour and butter. Leave them for sometime till bubbles appears

Step 1

Next add milk and cheese, whisk it properly until the mixture turns soft and smooth

Step 2

Soak potatoes in cold water to drain out the starch. Next cut them into stripes to make the fries

Step 3

Now take a frying pan and heat oil. In heating oil put fries one by one. Deep fry them till golden brown

Step 4

Take out the fries in a plate and remove the excess oil using kitchen tissue paper. Let them cool down for sometime

Step 5

Take a bowl and transfer the delicious Louisiana Voodoo Fries. 

Step 6

Sprinkle the cajun seasoning, toss them. In the end, add  cheese sauce and ranch dressing. You are all set

Step 7

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